The BFA App is HERE!

For the first time, you can stay connected with BFA wherever you go! When you download the BFA app you will have instant communication from Brian and the guys directly to your phone!  Be the first to know about new product, promotions and news from the road as it happens.
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Check out the features

Concert Dates

Receive notification of specific concert dates in your area!

Instant Notifications

Receive notifications directly from BFA to your phone the moment news breaks!

QR Scanner

For your convenience we have included a QR scanner to access special content on BFA print material. This feature is not limited to BFA, you can use this anywhere you need to scan a ``quick response`` bar code.


Instant access to the latest BFA news on Facebook at the touch of a finger on our app. Quick and convenient!

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BFA Rewards

Collect punches on your loyalty card to earn free stuff from BFA!


You'll see video as it is updated from the guys on the road.

BFA Store

Browse the BFA store directly from your phone through our app!


For the many who have asked how they can give a gift of support to our ministry, this icon allows easy access to give a gift of any amount.

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