BFA Flash Drive | The Ultimate Collection

$200.00 $150.00



This USB Flash drive has EVERY project we’ve ever done with Daywind since our inception. It has 22 albums on it, over 200 songs. That is $375.00 worth of music all on one device for only $200.00 plus shipping.

Albums include:
4 God So Loved
A Glimpse Of Gold
Doing This For You
Lovin This Livin For The Lord
So Close To Home
Timeless Hymns & Classics Vol 1
Greater Still
Live In New York City
Christmas with Brian Free & Assurance
It’s So God
Real Faith
Timeless Hymns & Classics Vol 2
Worth It
Never Walk Alone
Nothing But Love
Live Like We’re Redeemed
Live At Daywind
Beyond Amazed
BFA Christmas EP