Brian Free – Signature Ballads CD


As Brian Free & Assurance celebrate 23 years as a group, one thing has become a benchmark in the group's sound, record after record: that is Brian Free's impeccable ability to record and perform some of the best ballads in all of Gospel music. Out of the countless hit songs that have been recorded in 23 years of BFA, these are some of the most requested. These are songs of hope, grace, and salvation that have blessed countless lives, and they continue to do so for everyone who hears them.

1. Unashamed
2. I Believe
3. He Still Saves
4. There'll Come A Day
5. I Want To Be That Man
6. He Will Carry You
7. For God So Loved The World
8. Only God Knows
9. Die Another Day
10. Calvary's Cry
11. Stand Among The Millions
12. Never Walk Alone

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