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Looks Like Jesus (Part 4) | GO Look Like Jesus

September’s number 1 song is this month’s series of devotions: “Looks Like Jesus.” We saw last week how God's love is present in every believer. This week, let's talk about Godly relationships...

PART 4: GO Look Like Jesus

September 25th, 2022

We said it in part 1: “It’s Your Turn.” Over the last couple of weeks we’ve also talked about the love that God has put in us. Now it’s time to ACT ON IT. After all, love isn’t just something we say, it’s something we SHOW!

Think about what you can do to impact someone around you. What are some practical ways you can go and look like Jesus to people? We want to challenge you to get out and DO SOMETHING THIS WEEK. There are so many ways we can make a difference.

With the current economic struggles we are all feeling, financially blessing others can be huge. Maybe it’s something as simple as buying someone else’s meal. Perhaps you could pay for someone’s gas. It could be as small as buying a friend a cup of coffee. Maybe your church is facing a need that you could help with. Sow a seed and be a blessing.

Showing the love of Christ can be helping someone in need in your neighborhood or town. Is there someone who’s house could use some repairs? Get a group together and help! Maybe you have the skills to give someone that much needed wheelchair ramp. Maybe an appliance needs to be repaired. You could be the one to fix something that someone either can’t afford to fix or doesn’t know how.

Ultimately, it all goes back to SHARING THE GOSPEL. We want to challenge you to tell someone about Christ this week. Be a witness that does more than “live the life in front of them”… GET VOCAL! Ask God to open doors for you to share Jesus with someone. You never know what could happen. A soul could be added to the kingdom this week because of your willingness to share the Gospel.

That’s what looks like Jesus. He was all about going out among the people and doing kingdom work. That was His entire ministry! So don’t isolate yourself. Don’t shy away from the opportunities that God has waiting for you this week! Get out there and do something that LOOKS LIKE JESUS!

Starting in October, these devotions will be available once a month. We hope you’re enjoying reading them as much as we enjoy sharing them. Check on the first Sunday of each month and don’t forget to turn on notifications for this app so you can be notified when new devotions are added.



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